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27 May 2013
Marthas Backyard
Hi all, Winter is kicking in, and you know what that means, comfort food! There is no better place to get all your goodies than Martha's Backyard. Maybe it is Swiss Miss and Bisquik pancakes, smothered with Aunt Jemima or Mrs Butterworth syrup; the debate is eternal over who is best. Maybe it is all the baking, cakes galore in stock, and where else can you get cinnamon, peanut butter or butterscotch baking chips, to satisfy the winter sweet cravings.
All you diabetics out there, don't despair, many of you already know what a fantastic range of sugar free items we stock.

For those in the other camp, whose taste buds sway to the savoury side, we have around eight varieties of the old favourite, Campbell's soups, Clamato juice to warm the cockles of your heart, and an ever expanding, Mexican section.
Corn tortillas went in record time last batch, so for those who missed out, make sure you email us sandy@marthasbackyard.co.nz and ask to be added to the tortilla database. We let you guys know first, as soon as they land, can't hold any unfortunately, but at least you have your running shoes on first to get to us! More are on the way shortly though.

While I am talking of all things Mexican, thanks to Sarah and Otis Frizzell for the shout out in the Herald recently, we wish you guys all the best for Lucky the Taco Truck.
Our hot sauce is heaving with variety, and once you try one, it would be rude not to expand your repertoire and join the aficionados who compare the nuances between brands.
Maybe then you'll need a cool drink, our drink section has never been bigger, and as ever, red cups are on hand, should a party evolve. Also sporting equipment, ping-pong balls…oops sorry, whatever could you do with red cups, and ping pong balls, what was I thinking!
Plenty in store for everyone though seriously, including the dog, with Milkbone dog biscuits proving themselves popular. We have ceramic baseball, NFL and soccer money banks, and excellent 3D foam board puzzles. We have restocked the brown paper lunch bags, and our Oral-B Princess Smile Kits, are flying out the door. For the more mature Princes and Princesses we have a great range of Crest to sparkle your teeth, and an amazing range of stick deodorants, we all know how hard it is to find a good selection of those in New Zealand. We are discounting select products from our Bath and Body Works range too, so there really is something for everyone.

Martha's Backyard
URL Link to marthasbackyard.co.nz
44 Mt Wellington Highway
Mt Wellington 09 5707976
Auckland, Auk 1060
New Zealand

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bird of paradise said:

If you are hankering for great American New York pizza the place to go is Epolito's www.epolitos.co.nz we have been there several times and Chick's pizza is authentic! Great base and sauce with homemade sausage and meatballs too - YUM!!

Hana said:

Hey. Would you get mickey mouse back packs. They were around a few months back, but they don't have them anymore, and would really like to purchase one for christmas!!
Also bring on more mickey stuff!! haha

Daryl Hill said:

Hi there I found you'r web site and Im looking to find in Hawkes bay a outlet that sells Dr Pepper and also Barqs Root beer...I have been to the USA many times and my first stop there is to drink gallons of either to drink.I love the stuff and miss it badly...can you please pleas help out to my closest retailer outlet ,or maybe any ideas of my addiction...cheers ...Daryl Hill

Meredith said:

Hi ... just found your site and look forward to Martha's site to be updated (for online shopping, yes) ... in the meantime, I'm in Nelson and looking for: 1) crisco, 2) sweet pickles, 3) Karo syrup, 4) and mostly american marshmallows. Anything? cheers, meredith

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