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Mexican Food

Note: As you might notice, some of the information below is out of date. I am working on it but, please E-mail current comments or recommendations to WW@wilderness-wally.com. You can also add a comment at the bottom of each page which I will add to the text as needed. Also, you can write an E-mail by clicking on "Send WW an E-mail" in the Table on Contents section.
Many Americans living in New Zealand love Mexican food almost as much as Mrs Wilderness and I. We've found a few suppliers, a few restaurants and been told of others. Please contribute and share any sources you may have. Mexican recipes will be in Mrs Wilderness' kitchen.

From Suzy
Hello Wally,
I have a small California style Mexican take-away in New Plymouth. I was just looking for new sources of imported goods and found your site... Add us on!

Tesoro Fresh Mex
211A Devon Street East
New Plymouth 06 751 5033

Just doing the best we can over here. We're happy Mexican food is catching on in NZ--we love everything about both of them (Mexican food and New Zealand).

Mexican Food website - Tio Pablo: http://www.tiopablo.co.nz/Products.aspx - They have Mexican food you can order on-line.

The Real Red Hot Chili Pepper Story - Link Here

Mexican Food - Auckland - Partial Listing:
Mexican Cafe
67 Victoria St West Auckland Central Auckland 1010
Telephone Telephone: 09-373 2311
From the Past:
The Mexican Café
The Mexican Café was established in 1983. The restaurant offers food, drinks, entertainment and atmosphere - something for everybody to enjoy and a place where people can just be themselves. They offer more than 40 dishes seasoned with the taste of Mexico and Southern California.
In Auckland:
67 Victoria St WestAuckland Central
Ph (09) 373 2311

In Christchurch:

110 Lichfield Street
Ph (03) 377 5515
Hola! Mexican Restaurant
Unit E Moana Ct Orewa Auckland
Telephone Telephone: 09-427 4652

Mexicali Fresh
15 Nuffield St Newmarket Auckland 1023
Telephone Telephone: 09-522 0990

Dos Amigos Cantina
93 Tamaki Dve Mission Bay Auckland 1071
Telephone Telephone: 09-528 7494

Mexicali Fresh
137 Quay St Auckland Central Auckland 1010
Telephone Telephone: 09-307 2419

Note: See the bottom of this article for Spelling and Usage of:
"Chili", "Chilli" or "Chile"

From Melissa
After 7 years of living in the USA.. I was excited to find authentic, well priced, tasty Mexican dishes.. and amazing Mojitos and Margaritas at MUNDO MEXICANO, 147b Maunganui Rd, Mt Maunganui, Bay Of Plenty

Just in Time for the reappearance of the Mexican Food page, I received the following from Glen Glendining at Mexifoods in Dunedin:
"Seems like we do get quite allot of orders from the American community living here but would naturally like many more.

I think our website says it all with an extremely good range of dry Goods , Mexican Beer and Tequilas.

Our Mexican Beer range on the site needs updating however as we have a range of new Mexican Craft Beers arriving in about 5 weeks time I am waiting to get photo's of those put up along with some additional commercial Mexican Beers

The Santa Barbara Gluten Free Salsa's under the " Gluten Free Salsa's " page are absolutely fantastic.

We do also import a great range of American Craft Beers however these are sold directly to a number of specialty of premise stores, a handful of top end supermarkets and some Top end on premises.

Mexifoods e-mail address is: mexifoods@xtra.co.nz
Their website is: http://www.mexifoods.co.nz/1.htm or Click Here

Mar 2010
Not Quite Mexican!
There are few people around that enjoy Mexican cooking more than Mrs Wilderness and me. When a friend mentioned that a Mexican restaurant had recently opened at Gulf Harbour, which is just around the corner, we couldn't wait to see, and taste, what they had to offer.

We found the place they were talking about in the back of the Gulf Harbour village in the premises that used to be the Neptune Café. Because their location is behind the, much larger, restaurant and bar complex, customers will have to seek them out as we had done. We spotted a sign that pointed to the back of the plaza; it said Mexican Café with the name Pepe Locos.

The first thing we noticed was the quiet atmosphere. It was quiet, because of the lack of customers. One other diner was having a late lunch but we soon found out that was because she was supposed to meet someone there and got the date wrong!

Their menu is very similar to a "Taco Take-away" menu with what must be a larger version of each item referred to as a 'Main'.

I ordered two soft-shell tacos with beef and a 'Sol' beer with a twist. Mrs Wilderness decided to try the chilli con carne, also with a 'Sol.'

As we waited for our food in the quiet surrounds of the marina we took up a conversation with the other, lone patron. That is, until they turned on the 'omnipresent, irritating and loud music that Kiwis seem to think is de rigueur for any business they own. After that, all I could hear was Cher singing, "If I could turn back time"

Then the food arrived ... along with an apology. Remember I ordered soft-shell tacos! Yes, they were the bent-cardboard-corn tortillas that you buy in, softer-than-the-contents, cardboard boxes at the supermarket. The apology was because they had ordered and 'did not' receive the new, improved cardboard tortillas with flat bottoms that are being advertised on TV and that 'stand up' on the table top all by themselves! Never mind I had ordered soft-shell (assume flour) that were listed on the menu. Also never mind that what I did get were 'cold.'

Mrs Wilderness' chilli con carne, surprisingly, was warmed and tasted very much tomato-e ... suspiciously, almost but not quite, as good as 'Dinty Moore' in the can. She actually didn't finish it. I tasted it and didn't blame her.

We made our getaway after paying $34 for the pleasure, including $7 for each beer ... that, I suppose is expected had we been in a restaurant.

For an equally enjoyable meal at half the price, I suggest one buys a can of Hormel Chilli and a six-pack of beer. PS, For those of you reading this in the States, those are 'average' prices ... I'm not kidding.

On the other hand, Mrs Wilderness makes a great taco, enchilada or smokin' chilli!
Updated!I wrote this some time ago and then forgot about it. I also neglected to report that the place closed not long after opening ... I think, less than a month. The owner may have been able to get away with food and service like this in the past but, New Zealanders now know better. Thank goodness.

The Flying Burrito Brothers describe themselves as:
A contemporary Mexican themed restaurant that aims to cater for a previously undeveloped market in New Zealand. Our maxim is genuine fresh Mex and as such our emphasis tends to be less on fried food and more on fresh green vegetables, well chosen cuts of meat, poultry and seafood, accompanied with inventive chilli and herb flavours. We strive to provide an authentic take on Mexican cuisine influenced by seasonal Kiwi produce. We are committed to providing quality service and food with no short cuts or compromises; so the majority of our products are made daily in-house.
Contact Information:
Ph: 07-578-8363
Fax: 07-578-2435
Email: fbbtga@xtra.co.nz
At the Four Palms on Grey Street
107 Grey St, Tauranga

Corner of Cuba Street and Vivian Street

Corner Armagh Street and New Regent Street

Christchurch Mexican Food
There is the Mexican Cafe on Lichfield which is quite good, although much more Tex Mex (which is great if you like cheese!). Alva Rados is on the corner of Worcester & Mancester and has good interior Mexican food. Flying Burrito Brothers on Armaugh and New Regent street is a chain but does have amazing burritos. There is also a burrito place just across the street from the Flying Burrito Brothers that has good, fresh, takeaway and sit-down burritos. There is also a reasonably good Mexican place on north Columbo, but I can't think of it at the moment and another one that I have not been to, but heard good things about, in Sumner. So, actually, when you look at it, you have quite a few choices here. Happy eating!
Linda Jean

Mexican Maya: Friends Riccardo and Lupe Garcia who used to own Garcia's Mexican Restaurant in Devonport, report a new Mexican restaurant in Ponsonby that they highly recommend.

The name is Mexican Maya and it is located at shop 10, 106 Ponsonby Road (corner Pollen Street), upstairs in the International Food Court. The owner, Sam Rojas and his Mother Rebecca report that they are open from 10:00am to 10:00pm seven days a week. Their telephone number is (09)376-5088. Lupe says the food is very traditional Mexican, well presented and best of all, delicious.

Pork and Chicken in Adobo sauce just might be here soon! Keep checking at W-W.

Chili Verde - Recipe in Mrs Wilderness' Kitchen

Mexifoods is a company in Dunedin that imports and wholesales Mexican food products. Visit their website to see a list of products available.
Their e-mail address is: mexifoods@xtra.co.nz
Their website is: http://www.mexifoods.co.nz/1.htm or Click Here

Aji is another company importing Mexican food products. Aji (a'hee) is a Global Grocery featuring the defining ingredients of the different cuisines of the world. They are located in Christchurch and, naturally, they carry a range of Mexican specialties. They can be found on the web at http://www.aji.co.nz/ or
Click Here

While visiting "Mexican Specialties" we were told to soak Poblano chiles (Chiles Rellenos) in milk for about 3-5 hours before using them to reduce the heat (If you really want to.)

Another source says that some Mexican cooks reduce the heat in the chiles by soaking peeled and roasted chiles in salted water for 'several' hours. Then rinse the chiles thoroughly before using them.

Beat the Heat!
A popular misconception about chiles is that the hottest part is the seeds. The heat actually comes from a substance called capsaicin in the veins. Anything touching capsaicin, such as your fingers, may be irritated.

Looking for some Chiles:
Orcona - Home of Great Chiles and Chili products

The words "Chili", "Chilli" or "Chile" are often used synonymously, erroneously and has sparked more than one dispute. Depending on what part of the country you are in, who is in the room and what exactly you are referring to, you could be correct by spelling it chili, chile or chilli. Also, as a curious side note the variant spelling "chilly" has been used in early reference books, but is now considered obsolete.

Below is a summary of the prevailing consensus of proper usage:

Chile - refers to the plant or fruit of the plant species Capsicum. This is the Spanish spelling for the plant and is in common use through out the southwest USA. Of course, Chile also refers to the that long skinny chile shaped country in South America.

Chili - Often refers to the venerable hot and spicey American dish made from chiles and meat - and sometimes beans. Chili is short for chili con carne.

Chilli is also the favoured spelling in Australia and New Zealand.

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