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No Country For Old Men

No Country for Old Men
*Author unknown - From the internet

Growing old in a country you no longer recognize.

Those of us who were part of the Baby Boom generation or before, now in our 60s and 70s, and 80s, no longer recognize the nation in which we grew up. We are strangers in a land that gets stranger by the day.

We believed in the American dream. We worked hard, paid our taxes and obeyed the law ... even laws we thought were idiotic.

We married and had children. (Conversely, many of today's young adults cohabit and have pets).

We struggled to raise families. Some of us went to war, like our fathers and grandfathers before us. We thought that when we grew old, there would be more for us. More than lack of respect and even alienation.

Most of us don't recognize Biden's America. Patriotism has become passe...and is now a word defined by some as 'Fascism'. Our military is led by men who are social workers and politically correct hacks. They can't fight, but they're great at getting soldiers to use preferred pronouns and combating imaginary racism in the ranks.

Giant corporations have replaced individual enterprise, which "" in many cases "" has been taxed and regulated out of existence. Government bureaucrats and corporate executives are like the pigs and men at the end of Orwell's "Animal Farm."
We look in vain for a Ronald Reagan, a Lincoln or Teddy Roosevelt.

Instead, we find corrupt clowns like wizened Nancy Pelosi, Commissar Ocasio-Cortez (the Cuban pinup girl selling socialist snake oil) and our president "" a cranky septuagenarian slipping noisily into senility.

If we are white, we're told that we are responsible for every problem that plagues people of color. Just as cops are to blame for the deaths of thugs who threaten their lives.

Savages who burn down cities are hailed as heroes and celebrated as warriors for social justice. But misguided middle-class citizens, among them veterans, who trespassed in the Capitol are branded traitors and insurgents.

Mayors take down statues of Washington and Columbus... and commission murals and bronze sculptures of criminals.

If you're white, you're also responsible for slavery, segregation, the Wounded Knee massacre and Japanese Americans interned during World War II. Racism is in our blood, they tell us. Remember, throughout the course of human history, racism has apparently never existed anywhere but here.

Forget racial minorities. Now, we are told that there are "sexual minorities" -- that people who used to be considered odd are in fact oppressed. And that a man who thinks he's a woman in fact is a woman "" and is entitled to use the ladies' room with our granddaughters or compete against women in sport. And if we refuse to accept this bizarre fantasy, we are hateful, bigoted homophobes.

By "despoiling the earth," we're also responsible for climate change. If we end up paying $7-a-gallon for gas "" well, it's our own damned fault. . .(or Putin's).

What passes for entertainment is sickening "" all blood and gore, sadistic killers, aliens who pop out of people's stomachs and monsters in various guises. We search in vain for contemporary movies with characters we can admire or at least care about. So we retreat to cinema of the 40s and 50s on TCM.

On top of living in a country that's unrecognizable, we can't even afford to live here anymore. You need a second mortgage to buy a steak. A hamburger and fries at McDonald's is a gourmet feast. Filling up the tank is agonizing. Paying confiscatory taxes marks us as serfs. Inflation is at a 40-year high, and politicians tell us it's because government isn't spending enough.

Our parents could retire at 65, in the mortgage-free home they bought in their 30s. Many of us are still working at 75. Retirement is a distant dream. We're working to provide benefits for illegal aliens, addicts and loons who camp and defecate on the streets.

Many of us are the grandchildren of immigrants, a fact of which we are proud. Our people helped to build this country. But we witness with unalloyed horror the tide flowing across our southern border unimpeded. The middle class view them as criminals, gang members, dope smugglers... and mooches. The Democrat Party sees them as voters. We can't defend our own borders, but are expected to defend those of distant lands. (Even this administration's 'resolve' regarding Ukraine is suspicious).

America used to be an English-speaking country. Now it's ballots are in 20 languages and we need multi-lingual court interpreters.

Our feeble president (who's been sucking on the federal taxpayer teat for half-a-century) is unable to perform his Constitutional duties, but has successfully waged war on domestic energy production. We went from energy independence to beggars with a gas can in a matter of months. The corpse that walks says climate change is the biggest threat our national security "" along with transphobia, of course.

Washington sputters about Putin's war on Ukraine, but imports 670,000 barrels of Russian oil a day. While he lets pipelines rust and our oil, coal and natural gas remain in the ground, Biden pleads with the Saudis to pump more "" and is thinking about imports from the Marxists of Venezuela and the jihadists of Iran, both Russian allies. Apparently, oil from anywhere outside the U.S. doesn't pollute.

Officeholders for life treat us like mentally-challenged children. And then these feckless bureaucrats snicker at those (aka: "us") who pay their exorbitant salaries.

So we limp along into old age, too proud to go on the public welfare dole and too stubborn to just give up. WHY...?, you ask. Because to surrender now would be a betrayal of the America that once was!

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