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What Time Is It

After moving to New Zealand and getting, somewhat, settled in I called my friend Bob in California.

Wally: Well here we are in beautiful, sunny New Zealand.
Bob: Great, when did you get there?
Wally: We arrived on the eighth of January.
Slight pause
Bob: What day did you leave?
Wally: We left on sixth of January
Slight pause
Bob: I thought you had a direct flight.
Wally: We did, left on the sixth and got here on the eighth.
Slight pause
Bob: You were two days in the air!
Wally: No, we lost a day.
Bob: Where did it go?
Wally: I don't know I just never saw it. I fell asleep on the plane, when I woke up it was the eighth! There was a rumor on the plane that we had flown over the seventh somewhere around two in the morning.
Bob: You mean two in the morning where you were?
Wally: Well I was in row 32 but I'm not sure, like I said, I was asleep when we lost it.
Bob: So you just lost the seventh?
Wally: Yep, seems there is some line in the ocean that you fly over and this line just sucks up a day!
Bob: Now that's strange.
Wally: You think that's strange, I met a guy yesterday who swears he landed in LA before he took off from Auckland!
Bob: You're kidding
Wally: Nope, he left late on the tenth and got to LA before breakfast on the same day.
Bob: You're kidding.
Wally: Nope, sometimes the day just disappears, one minute it's there and then 'zap' it's gone and then sometimes it just starts all over again.
Bob: Does anybody see it come and go?
Wally: I don't know, like I said, I was asleep.
Bob: So what day is it there?
Wally: It's the twenty-second here.
Bob: You're kidding! It's the twenty-first here.
Wally: Actually, the twenty-first was yesterday.
Bob: No, it's today.
Wally: No, today here is your tomorrow.
Bob: You're kidding.
Wally: Nope, as a matter of fact it's your tomorrow morning.
Bob: Why, what time is it.
Wally: It's eleven in the morning here.
Bob: It's two in the afternoon here, so that means we're ahead of you.
Wally: Yeah, but that's two in the afternoon yesterday so we're ahead of you.
Bob: You're kidding!
Wally: Nope, I haven't had lunch yet and it's already tomorrow.
Bob: You're kidding!
Wally: It's a nice day though, pretty warm.
Bob: So it's warm in the middle of winter?
Wally: No, it's actually already summer here. Bob... Hello!... Bob!

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DK said:

Here I was thankful that you hadn't gotten into Daylight Savings Time (that DST time changes on different days around the world REALLY confuses things)!

Oh, well, just look at the top of the page for the current date and time in New Zealand.

WW said:

Sis: Well that depends on what month it is! You see it moves from 3 to 5 depending on who is on first.. I mean depending on who is on daylight savings time and who is on standard time. I might have to put the time in the web site!

Sis said:

Shades of Abbott and Costello! But I am still confused...I try to realize that you are one day minus 5 hours ahead of us...or is it 3 hours!?


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