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The Water Tank


The Door to the Water Tank

In all the time that the Wilderness family has lived in New Zealand, we have been supplied with free water. That's right free water, simply there for the taking. Not only that, it is pure water, no minerals and no chemicals. Why… it's as fresh as the rain. Actually, it is the rain!

We have thoroughly enjoyed tank water for twenty-one years now and have no intention of changing. Oh, they did bring Auckland city water down our street about six or seven years ago but we really weren't that interested in piping it into the house. Besides, they wanted so much to hook us up and for service charges, we would have had to sell the house to be able to afford it!

Anyway, the water tank is made of Ferro-cement and needs to be cleaned regularly. The tank has to be emptied and the cleaner actually climbs into the tank. I know this may sound strange to many of you but believe me, it is quite common around the world and may even be healthier than the municipal water some of you are drinking.

Ever the innovator, I wondered how I could make the cleaning chore easier… maybe even a do-it-yourself job. That's when I came up with a clever plan. Why not put a door on the side of the tank so one could just walk in when the tank needed cleaning? It's so simple why didn't someone think of this before.

I thought of this during our summer and the Wilderness' front door was left open much of the time so I decided to put it to good use and install it on the tank. I can't reveal all the plans and intellectual procedures I used to get the job done, I'm thinking of starting a franchise. Anyway, you can see the results in the picture above. It's a little rustic but that adds so much charm to the back yard.

I'm still faced with one dilemma though. Now that winter has set in, there seems to be a fresh breeze coming in the front of the house where the door used to be. I'll have to deal with that before too long. But then maybe I'll wait until summer to fix it. Who knows, by then, it may warm up and I might not have to do anything.

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