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Winter's Call

by Michael Avard Landrum December 12, 2019

Fast falls the frost
On new-shorn field
A glimmer, a glaze
A new kind of yield.

Hard winds now arrange
In rushes of leaves
It's landscape below,
And the sky it achieves.

That pendulum-swing
Toward cold winter night
Abandons sweet memory
Of Autumn in light.

Yet, I will find solace
While it is still day
In hopes now held closely,
In sweet secret array.

Where keen hearts prevail
To look toward the way
That lifts all hope upward
To wait there and stay.

Come near as night's curtain
Finds us by the hearth
'Midst holiday tables
In lamplight and mirth,

Where torchlight slow fades
The clear-caroled songs
Brought to us in sunset
And gladdening throngs.

Still, all around whirls
The height of the year
As moonlight
In long-shadowed form does appear.

Awake from those deep scenes
Through nighttime we carry
Away from the darkness,
Alone and contrary.

Awake to still morning!
'Midst retreating night.
There dawns a fresh landscape
Before us, so bright.

All eyes will now widen
On settling scene
From thin, waning starlight
To sunlight between.

Through winds of long memory
And places to go,
In wonders of lace-laden
Fields of clean snow,

We scuff-out soft footprints
In wistful delight
As now eyes turn forward
To new-found hindsight

Thank you Michael for adding some sorely needed style to W-W

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